Java annotations abuse

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I know Java annotations are a very controversial subject, and there are lots of different opinions regarding them.

In a general manner, i like annotations. Annotations placed on classes and methods are nice, they help a lot without much damage. A good example of well used annotations in my opinion is the Java Persistence API. It reduces a lot of the code you’d need to write and doesn’t polute things too much.

However, placing annotations inside method arguments, such as in JSR-311 (first place where i saw it) starts to really mess things up. Here’s an example of the use they propose:

public class WidgetList {
WidgetList getDiscounted() {...}

Widget findWidget(@UriParam("id") String id) {
return lookupWidget(id);

The @UriParam is the one that really bothers me here. I’m sure it must serve a good purpose for the JSR, and it probably makes some stuff easier. However, it’s unquestionable that annotating this much starts to polute the code beyond the acceptable limits. In such a short piece of code we saw 5 annotations.

I’m not saying we should go back to XML files. I really prefer annotations over XML when they are used over classes and methods, much like JPA does it. However, as many other things, annotations can be misused, and in this JSR 311 example, i think they misuse them. I just hope this trend doesn’t get stronger, because i think Java would get uglier with this. Just keep the simple annotations please 🙂


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